- To meet the requests and expectations of our members, manufacturers and our society within the framework established by the relevant legislation and occupational rules, 

- To contribute to the development of the agriculture of our country and region and to the protection of rights of our members and farmers by providing qualified commercial exchange service,  

- To provide rapid and friendly service to our members, farmers, and other persons and institutions in need of our services, 

- To use required technologic possibilities for achieving our targets, to continue training and awareness activities and to be open to any kind of cooperation, 

- To prevent the pollution of our natural environment, to recycle our wastes, to use our resources efficiently, 

- To train all our employees and to raise the awareness of our suppliers, members and farmers in accordance with our purposes and targets for the environment, labour health and labour security, 

- To continuously improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our Quality/Environment/Labour Safety management system and the quality of our services.