Considering the fact that today’s world population has been increasing rapidly, and that it is only possible to feed the increasing population by developing agricultural production, and because agricultural production areas have almost approached to the last level today, it is more than important to preserve the quality of agricultural products and increase the production amount to be obtained from these areas. 

In terms of economy and product qualifications, it is also necessary to define the quality of wheat, which is the raw material of bakery products that have an important place in our nourishment and food industry. In the production of various food materials such as, bread, pasta, biscuits, cracked wheat, pastry etc.; manufacturers, consumers, businessmen and our members engaged in the procurement activities agree on the importance of the application of technical elements, tools, equipments and methods, and good evaluation of their results for production quality, in addition to the selection of appropriate raw materials. 

For this purpose, as Ilgın Commercial Exchange, our laboratory that is fully equipped with state-of-the-art electronic devices, is active to provide service to our members, manufacturers and Ilgın people.